If 'Gossip Girl' doesn't provide you with enough insight into the lives of privileged New York's youth, then let us direct your attention to "Under the Arch," a 7-minute-long "pilot" video by NYU junior Sean Patrick Murray, who is either a complete genius, or a total tool. Either way, he's kind of adorable&mdash and at the very least, he knows his MTV reality schtick&mdash it's all about the fast-moving-cloud shots, the angsty Z-100 soundtrack and the whiny blond chicks. Toss in a drug overdose and a catchprase like "Meet me at the Arch," and we can't see why this thing wouldn't get picked up in a millisecond&mdash he even made sure not to include any black, Hispanic or ugly students! It's perfect! Too bad it's not real. Oh&mdash never mind.