In troubling times like these, we realize that we can always depend on frosted-tipped E!biquity Ryan Seacrest to provide us with some much-needed comfort, knowing that within seconds of hearing his reassuring, silky voice, we'll be gently hypnotized into believing everything is going to be OK.

Just as we were ready to drive our strike-crippled television sets up to Mulholland and dump them into a Hollywood Hills canyon rather than be tormented by late-night talk show repeats or endure the unbearable tension of knowing the storylines of our favorite scripted shows will soon be interrupted, Seacrest reminds us that his spunky channel's entire schedule is deliciously WGA-proof, inviting us to gorge on an all-you-can-eat buffet of Chelsea Latelys and 101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oops!s while the broadcast networks, deprived of Guild-supplied sustenance, slowly starve to death.