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Spencer Morgan goes deep inside the mind of 23-year-old Page Six Magazine columnist and magazine-dynasty heiress-model Lydia Hearst and finds out what astute readers may have already come to suspect: she's not very bright in some ways. I mean, she keeps saying she's "definitely not a socialite" or "airhead" but we keep not believing her. For good reason!

"I sit down and I write what I'm thinking and what I feel—it happens all at once, I never stop writing. Probably when I go home tonight, I'm going to open my computer and just start typing... I always envision myself being a Hemingway type—sitting in a dark corner with my glass of, I guess it would be, my glass of tequila and lime juice— that's how I do it."


"I don't smoke, but people say that you get secondhand smoke. But this is a country that was founded mainly on the tobacco industry—tobacco and coffee. It's so surprising that they are now essentially making cigarettes illegal, when that is where the whole country came from."

Lydia Unleashed [NYO]