We are all born out of an orgasm," cries Nerve.com in their Craigslist ad seeking "sexually frustrated women of all ages" for their documentary series, "Sex-Ed." True! Also, a little franker than we really prefer before lunch when the subject is our own conception, but never you mind! If you've had difficulty achieving orgasm or never have and you live in the New York City area, Nerve.com is happy to give you a reacharound, so long as you let them film it—for free, natch. What's in it for you besides your 15 minutes, which surely, you will live to regret?

Nerve will provide the two women chosen with sex therapists, workshops, experts in tantra, toys and G-spot massage. (Hmm, scratch the snide comment about regret, maybe? Depending, clearly, on the hotness of the aforementioned "experts.") "This will be an incredible opportunity to explore their sexual questions and concerns, and possibly discover pleasure and freedom around sexuality they never thought possible," says Nerve. Clearly we're working for the wrong website altogether.

As an aside, did everyone but us know that the G-spot is so named after a German gynecologist named Ernst Gräfenberg? Hot.