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[Note:an update/correction follows after the jump.] An operative on the Paramount lot describes an innovative protest technique being actively developed by the WGA's picketers, one sure to help break up the monotony of marching in circles while chanting:

Day 3...The strikers are getting rowdy, throwing a script into the road and cheering when oncoming cars send the script pages flying. Seriously: get a grip, people.

Our tipster wasn't able to identify the screenplay that gave its life for the writers' cause, but the tears reportedly spotted in the eyes of studio emperor Brad Grey as he watched the spectacle from a nearby window suggest it may have been a beloved, personalized copy of Freedom Writers (Brad—I think this one's gonna get me that third Oscar! Love, Hillary) stolen from his office by a Guild sympathizer. Once Grey is able to recover from the emotional trauma of seeing a cherished memento scattered across Melrose Avenue like so many discarded Astro Burger wrappers, we expect reprisals will be swift and merciless, with the executive ordering security to seize the first writer unable to evade the crackling tips of their stun-guns, then drown the red-shirted fiend in the lot's fountain as punishment for the labor-war crimes of his picketing confederates.

UPDATE: We've been informed that the script in question was not, in fact, tossed into the street by picketers, but by a passing motorist who wanted to share his work with his striking peers—who then staged a reading of some of the recovered pages. We should have some video of the Paramount line and their impromptu read-through posted in a little while.

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