Remember Scott Matthew, the cutie musician (in a bear-cub-ish sort of way) in Shortbus who's been playing shows all over the city since forever? Well, he was attacked by "a crackhead in [his] neighborhood" last Tuesday and his middle finger is extremely fucked up. (Although the attacker technically could have been on meth, or maybe it was a bad acid trip?) He's uninsured and could lose the use of his finger—unless New Yorkers band together!

Writes Scott in an email to friends:

A hand specialist informed me today that if I don't have surgery within a week, I will lose complete use of my finger. This means I cannot play guitar. I have surgery scheduled for Monday, November 13, but unfortunately I don't have health insurance. In total, it's going to cost me at least $7000. Because of this circumstance, the next two shows - November 19 & November 20- will be benefits for surgical costs. Any donations will be greatly appreciated.

Think for a moment, if you will, about all the possible activities that could be impacted by the loss of one's middle finger. Not just guitar! But blogging, too! And also, posting snarky comments in said blogs! And flipping the bird! It could happen to any of you.

For those who would like to help a finger out, the shows are at Rockwood Music Hall and Zebulon.