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MIT is suing famed architect Frank Gehry, for negligence. Let's get this straight: The man designs his buildings by piling up cardboard and crumpled paper, and yet his customers expect sturdiness? Predictably, the $300 million Stata Center is not withstanding New England's weather. Cracks have emerged, leaks have sprung, drainage is faulty, mold is growing, and snow and ice fall dangerously from its many curved surfaces and sharp edges. Beacon Skanska Construction is also named in the suit, but it argues that Gehry ignored warnings that the design was flawed. What did the brainiacs at MIT expect?

Gehry's Disney Center in downtown Los Angeles allegedly gives passers-by sunburn, Case Western has experienced the same problems of falling ice, and the University of California had to demolish a leaky Gehry building in 1986. It doesn't take a slide ruler to add this one up. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)