One person unlikely to be showing up with snacks for picketing WGA members is former head-mouse-in-charge Michael Eisner, who finds the strike to be "insanity" and thinks the writers' energy would be better spent marching on Steve Jobs' headquarters, pelting passing cars with the iPod Touches being used to oppress them: "But you're investing in the Internet, so what gives? I'm doing it because I think it's fun, and because I think it's the future. But what I'm saying is that for today's writers to stop working for non-existent money is stupid. They are misguided. They should not have gone on strike. This is a stupid strike. The studios can't give them anything because there's nothing to give. But this is also the studios' fault — they've been talking about how great this business is, and now they have to open their books and explain that there's no business. The only one making money is Apple. They should be striking up in Cupertino, or wherever [Jobs] is." []