In our last dispatch from the Day Three picket lines for today, a reader reports on some high-profile drop-ins and some possible scab-related intrigue at Culver Studios: "I'm a SAG actor (a nobody) walking the WGA picket lines at Culver Studios today. Minnie Driver shows up with her dog Bubba to hang out with her writing staff. Eddie Izzard shows up and starts handing out blue wristbands that say 'All for One and One for All' that loop into a Gordian knot. He ordered these up himself and said 'they're not official.' Minnie takes off after a couple of hours and then Eddie goes "Norma Rae" on everyone. Lost in the shuffle was Josh Duhamel who didn't showboat at all. The buzz on the line is that the Las Vegas writers had spotted a former writer who was no longer on staff coming onto the lot. As I left, they had not stormed the lot yet."