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He's never going to live it down. Otherwise likable Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's ludicrous pronouncement is on its way to becoming his I-invented-the-Internet tagline. Why? Because he made the mistake of proclaiming Zuck's Law to a roomful of very senior people who work in — you got it — media. Mistaking his audience for Web 2.0 fanboys, Zuckerberg turned his big moment into a running joke among reporters and publicists alike. I heard it repeated several times at last night's San Francisco book party for Fake Steve author Dan Lyons. You know: "Once every hundred years, Forbes picks up the tab," etc. I'm pretty sure Zuckerberg didn't write the doofy line himself. But when you're CEO, you needn't parrot your publicists. My advice? Mark, don't take it back. Instead, repeat it over and over. Convince a critical mass of A-listers to abandon their blogs in favor of Facebook profiles, the new media for a new century. Here's a helpful hint: Some of those guys can be bought. (Photo by AP/Craig Ruttle)