Nightmare online dater John Fitzgerald Page isn't going to sink back down to the bottom of the boggy internet-lake quite yet. He's still trying to puzzle out why people had such a strong negative response to his braggy, hatefilled email to a girl who had the audacity to turn him down on "The problem was [her profile] has six pictures of her head," he reiterated recently in an interview with Atlanta alt-weekly Creative Loafing. "If you Internet date, you realize that means she's trying to hide something... I didn't harass her. I just sent her an e-mail saying basically 'I have these statistics and you can't hang.' They're threatening my life because I blew off a fat chick on the Internet." The bright light of semi-selfawareness might be beginning to penetrate the murk, however: "During our conversations, he asked repeatedly, 'Do I seem like the worst person in the world?'"