Tired of know-it-all meteorologists telling you what the weather might be like today? Sick of their uppity "scientific forecasts" and "Doppler maps"? Why not let the internet predict the weather! Thanks to a new World Wide Web site called "Cumul.us" (see what they did there?), now you can! The wisdom of crowds will tell you if you need a jacket! Or "the wisdom of clouds"! (DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE?)

The site just launched today, so it's a little rusty (trying to change your location from default Seattle to "New York, NY" causes the site to tell you "no results found" and suggest that you maybe "select a larger metropolitan area"). But the idea is that it combines aggregated data from the lame "professionals" with the predictions of regular folk like you and me and blogger and young father Jason Kottke. Then, brilliantly, it asks what you're wearing today, just like a Perverted Justice chat room mole.

And with two aggregated "real" weather feeds and eight user predictions, we learned that it is apparently "sweatshirt or sweater weather." And you'll want to wear pants!

New York [cumul.us via Kottke.org]
The Wisdom of Clouds [Magnetbox]