Leonard Blavatnik, a Russian billionaire who owns more things than you can imagine, will soon also own the city's most expensive apartment. Blavatnik's holding company Access Industries owns stakes in Russia's largest television series production company, Warner Music Group, a chain of hotels in Argentina, one of the world's largest aluminum producers, an oil company and more. He just signed a letter of intent to buy the top three floors of the Mark Hotel for $150 million dollars. On one hand, that's a lot. On the other hand, it's only 2% of his net worth of 7.2 billion!

The Post also quotes a "wide-eyed real-estate agent" saying, "It's hard to imagine there's a real-estate slump when a number like that is being bandied about... What could possibly be next." Well! Good thing you ask!

One might want to ask Blavatnik about recent times in which there was a massive disparity between the ultra-wealthy and the impoverished masses. It was in October of 1917! The place was Petrograd and the castle was called the Александровский дворец.

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