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A striker seems to have located a weak point in the Warner Bros. lot's defenses: an executive gate, where security guards have been instructed to try and quiet down the picketers who might annoy the studio bosses with their racket: "The Warner Bros. guard at the gate came out and approached me. 'Hey, I've been cool with you guys,' he said. 'But we have to watch the noise level in this area.' I have no idea why this person thought I would respect a social taboo against bothering the Warner Bros. executives inside with excessive noise while they work. But, damn, that was funny. Made my day. 'REALLY?' I bellowed like a complete jerk. 'SHE WAS JUST ASKING ME IF I WAS TIRED AND I LET HER KNOW I WAS OKAY. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?'" Maps to the lot's soft, executive-adjacent underbelly are provided for those eager to participate in further headache-making activities. []