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Not long after an aggrieved William Shatner went public with the disappointing news that upcoming Star Trek project director J.J. Abrams decided to place the forcibly retired Enterprise captain inside a coffin-capsule and jettison him out into the endless void of space rather than toss him a token, Trekkie-appeasing cameo, another casting bombshell has been announced: Winona Ryder has signed on to play mom to a Young Spock. Variety identifies Ryder's character as a Vulcan—but, if our fading memory of Trek lore serves, wasn't Spock's mother a human? Is Abrams messing with mythology, or was this just a simple error that will result in the mass delivery of severed, pointy ears to the Var offices in protest? Do let us know, or this will torment us all day long. [Variety]