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· The writers strike could result in a windfall for Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz, who are reportedly in talks with NBC for the acquisition of blogtastic new online series Quarterlife, which is scheduled to premiere on the MySpaces on Sunday. If the alleged deal should fall through, forward-thinking network president Ben Silverman will announce that once he's out of new episodes of Bionic Woman, he'll run an hour of grainy YouTube footage of cheerleading-competition bloopers in its place. [THR]
· Had enough of the writers strike yet? Good news: a newer, fresher walkout by the stagehands union could be on its way, forcing Broadway productions to go dark. As we've said before: Strike fever, catch it! [Variety]
· A two-hour, crossover block of CSI/Without a Trace episodes brought CBS a ratings victory Thursday night, as viewers flocked to the network to enjoy every moment of their last few weeks of barely differentiated crime-procedural programming. [THR]

· Fox is trying to retain the services of Mark Wahlberg for a feature adaptation of the video game Max Payne, hoping that the star will be able to out-act his grizzled digital counterpart. [Variety]
· In a fun bit of trivia, new Fox/Bernie Mac project Starting Under was the final TV pilot deal made before the strike began on Monday, slipping in under the wire late Friday. Where we you when the Last Pilot Ever was purchased? [Variety]