The Times "City Room" post on the "fraught world of the personal assistant" has turned into a commenter blind item party full of hilarious tales of terrible mistreatment from potentially murderous former PAs. Won't you help us identify a couple of the assistees?

Like who's this abusive old coot? (Important hint: apparently not Scott Rudin.)

For six weeks, I worked for the worst man on the fac of the planet. He was CEO, President and Treasurer of a major company (I won't say which industry). After my second day on the job, I started looking for a new one. Here's why. The man thought nothing of cursing at everyone with a battery of four-letter words. Apparently his own child had a restraining order against him, and he frequently threw objects at his employees heads. On several occasions, said objects connected. He didn't care about being sued...just paid and kept on abusing his staff.

When I was made an offer by another firm, I called HR to tell them I was leaving at the end of the week. The old buzzard was away on a trip and wouldn't return until the following Monday. The HR rep called me back later (I guess she called him) to ask if I could please stay an extra couple of weeks. I told her that under no circumstances would I remain in a position where I was expected to accept daily verbal (and future physical) abuse from an old coot who was in serious need of psychiatric intervention. Upon witnessing my courage, four young women finally got up the gumption to walk out the door with me. Had we not left, one of us would certainly have delivered a fatal blow to his head!

Oh, and would someone also please help us identify Barbara Corcoran?

I once worked for a top real estate broker in Manhattan. She was indeed PUGnacious, loud, and brash. We worked very long hours, moved multiple transactions daily, and were constantly at odds - often yelling and to the point of back-thumping. After I moved on, it took about 2 years for this experience of high, high energy and yelling to soften.

Kidding! It could be any broker, they're almost all shouty evil scum.

The Fraught World of the Personal Assistant [City Room]