Sunday's newspaper coverage of the Broadway stagehand strike, the first-ever work stoppage in IATSE Local 1's 121-year existence, delivered news of an event designed mainly to break children's hearts and confound tourists who apparently cannot think of anything to do but see expensive musicals, Disney slop, and tired old revivals. (The strike undoubtedly traumatized scores of theatergays as well, but nobody's mentioning them). What's going on?

Neither the NY Times nor the NY Post quoted a single stagehand on the picket line, choosing instead to interview the tourists and would-be theatergoers roaming the sidewalks, who offered up pearls of wisdom ranging from "This is just terrible" (tourist from Japan) to "It's like crazy" (a security officer).

In both papers, there were photos of crying kids. (Listen: they're kids. Nobody even died from not being able to see "Mamma Mia!" Take 'em to the Madame Toussaud's or something. I guarantee you they'll bounce right back).

The Post headline included the word "tears" and ran a photo of a crying tot, deeming the strike "Grinchy." Boo-fucking-hoo. Some people need to make a living, kiddo.

And also, guess what? There's still Off-Broadway! And Off-Off Broadway! Ever try that? You might actually see something good! Sheesh!

[Disclosure: I am registered with, but not yet a member of, IATSE Local 764).]