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Indian tech magazine Digit ran a cover story this month exposing a critical flaw in Google's pay-per-click advertising model. That's right — click fraud! The report tells the story of an Indian security analyst named Manish Arora who wrote a script to "simulate human behavior" and game Google's click-fraud detection algorithms. The script didn't work.

When Arora wrote to Google to alert it to the supposed vulnerability, Google replied, "At this point, all we can verify is that our automated systems terminated your accounts, as a result of your trying to inflate the clicks."

But just because the story is old news, Arora's attempt was ineffective, and Google shut down Arora's account, you can't blame Digit for running the story all the same. Not after they worked up a sweet cover illustration of Google's logo with a bullet hole in it. Never mind that it was Digit's story that proved to have massive holes.