Vime-emo boy Patrick Moberg went back on his word last week when he and his New York Dream Girl, BlackBook intern Camille Hayton went on Good Morning America to tell their story of how he saw her on a subway and was hot for her and then put up a website and then found her. He's previously told his fanbase that once he found his dream lover, we'd all just have have to imagine the rest of their picture-perfect romance unfolding, because there would be "no more updates." What gives? Was it all just a publicity stunt? Today, Patrick clarifies, sort of, his intentions. Turns out the whole thing was Camille's idea!

"My original stance was to not do any follow up stories at all, because I didn't want to unknowingly thrust Camille into a spotlights, and also that wasn't why I made the site. So, I posted my decision prematurely before I'd had a chance to talk to Camille about it," he wrote to us. But then he and Camille actually met, and she had some different ideas!

"GMA basically hunted Camille down at all costs, and had her commit to doing a story with them," he wrote, later clarifying, "'Hunted Camille down at all costs' is probably not quite right. They were very nice throughout the process."

Say what exactly? Here's the thing: While TV producers can be very aggressive, nobody is really about to drag you into the station and cuff you to a cushy armchair! So why'd Camille want the airtime, and does it have anything to do with her employers, who are currently raffling off a date with one of her fellow interns? We're still waiting to hear from the braided one herself.