Strikers, beware! A tipster reports that Universal has a secret weapon for dealing with picketers who become too consumed with their disruptive activities to pay attention to flashing crosswalk signs: the long, in-house arm of the ticket-writing law: "I was on the picket line at Gate 1 at Universal this morning. At one point a sheriff emerged from WITHIN Universal to sit and watch the picket line. As soon as he saw two picketers enter the crosswalk when the red hand was flashing, he called them over and ticketed them for jaywalking. Now, granted, he was within his rights to do so, but he then failed to ticket any drivers taking unprotected lefts into the crosswalk while there were pedestrians occupying it. According to traffic laws, the drivers were in violation as they have to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks (violation 21950 a. Zing!). We helpfully pointed out at least six vehicles that didn't yield, but no drivers were tickidation, and the unequal application of the laws just seemed, well, illegal." As a bonus, click the photo to reveal the identity of a picketing actor falling prey to this seemingly selective enforcement of traffic laws!