Somehow finding the one red-costumed individual in this city patrolling a sidewalk in front of a Hollywood landmark with no interest in discussing the WGA strike, Defamer videographer Molly McAleer enjoyed a brief chat with the Chinese Theatre's Reasonably Passable, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, inviting the Polaroid-proferring hero to share his origin story.

(Sadly, he wasn't one of the characters chosen for the excellent documentary Confessions of a Superhero, denying us—for now, at least—a deeper look into his wall-crawling psyche.) Though we're sure he would have had many illuminating things to say about the stalled negotiations between the writers and studios had he been pressed, we're glad the duo's conversation steered clear of strike-related matters in favor of somewhat less timely topics, like how Spidey's web-slinging magnetism turns passing tourists into arachnid-craving sexual predators.