Woot, the deal-a-day online retail site, offered first-generation Zunes for $150 in August — half price at the time. Then in September, Woot offered more Zunes, this time for $129. In October? $99. Are you seeing the pattern yet? Today, Woot is offering black or white Zunes for $150 $129 $99 $84.99. The Zune's price is falling faster than shares of Apple. After the jump, an excerpt from the product description that pretty much sums everything up.

Skeptics will say otherwise. They'll point out how Microsoft made way too many brown Zunes, and the glut of those unloved models has constipated their entire system. They'll drone on about the upcoming release of the Zune 2, and Microsoft's willingness to absorb any cost to grab a piece of the personal media market. They'll do anything but face the truth: that forces beyond our understanding are nudging us all toward Zune ownership, for reasons the human mind cannot begin to comprehend.

Incidentally, it's not uncommon for Woots to sell out within minutes of the offering. Woot seems to have plenty of Zunes on offer. They're still available 17 hours after going on sale.