Scoble slams Googlephone — the 100-word version

I'm sorry, but the Scoble coverage sucks without me. It's been two weeks since I stopped posting and Fake Steve is already reduced to recycling this photo from January. I punched it up in Photoshop — can't you guys even do that for yourselves? Anyway, our boy slammed Google's phone plans Monday. Scoble's 100 percent right, but 1,251 words too long. I fixed that.

I'm watching the Android video. Man, I thought my videos were boring, this one takes the cake. This stuff is still vaporware. No phones are available with it. I don't know of a single developer who has had his/her hands on Android. At Microsoft I learned DO NOT TRUST THINGS THAT THEY WON'T SHOW ME WORKING. The UI looks confused. Too many metaphors. One reason the iPhone does so well is because the UI is fairly consistent. Fun, even.
Here's the obligatory Scobleizer brag:
Last week I was in the Open Social press conference. Everyone else in the room worked for a big-name media outlet. Business Week. Wall Street Journal. Los Angeles Times. CNET. Barrons. etc. etc. Even TechCrunch was relegated to a phone-based seat and wasn't in the room.
Robert, congrats on getting bumped up to MSM status by Google PR. I always said you were a genius. Too bad the rest of the MacArthur committee didn't agree with me.

(Photo by Dwight Silverman/Houston Chronicle)