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There are a lot of posts popping up from various Rackspace customers apologizing to their customers and readers for the Web host's downtime caused by an errant truck. Here is a selection:


Will be using this situation as both a wake-up call and a learning experience. While our systems are engineered to chug through major failure, this "perfect storm" chain of events beat both our set-up and our data center's sophisticated back-up systems. We will work hard to further diversify our systems in order to make an future downtime event like this even more rare.


As you noticed Threadless took a little nap this evening. Apparently a truck jumped a railing and attacked our data center. I think their may have even been an explosion. I hope so.

Laughing Squid

This is the first time we have had power outage like this in the 9 years that we have been in hosting (8 of which at Rackspace).

And here's Rackspace's public response: