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On this ninth day of the strike that has reduced Hollywood to a one-story town, take a bite of that days-old, CAA-supplied churro and scroll through this morning's round-up:

· The WGA's wildly successful theme events (ShowrunnerPalooza, Striking Man, and Bring Your Kids to the Strike Day) continue today with perhaps the Guild's most ambitious effort, Picketing with the Stars, a celebrity-studded strikestravaganza kicking off at noon at the Universal lot.

As picketers conscientiously avoid drawing the attention of Universal's in-house jaywalking sentinels, they can march alongside the scores of actors who turned out in support of their cause, creating countless photo ops that will help put a horny-TV-doctor, desperate housewife, or forensic-corpse-inspector face on the strike for a general public still unclear about why their favorite TV shows are about to disappear from primetime. []
· Afraid for both their jobs and the survival of the serialized daytime drama genre, soap opera writers are crossing the picket line, with some scribes for The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives scabbing away to make sure bored housewives can continue to enjoy their stories without interruption. [Variety]
· In a report from yesterday's family-friendly picket, wisdom from the mouth of a precocious 7-year-old: "I think that (Fox president) Peter Chernin and (News Corp. chairman) Rupert Murdoch and some other people, their goal is to break the union.Rupert Murdoch is an established union buster, and he is a strong voice in the AMPTP." (OK, maybe that quote actually came from an adult WGA member. But we bet there were some clever kids in attendance who have been listening to enough of their striking parents' dinner conversation to come to the same conclusions on their own.) [THR]
· Nikki Finke is not sold on Arnold Schwarzenegger's fitness as a mediator. [DHD]
· Finding himself with too much time on his hands because of the strike, Michael Showalter is guest-blogging recaps of MTV's bisexual love odyssey, Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, for []
· United Hollywood receives no response when answering a Craiglist ad for a WGA member allegedly willing to pay 40 bucks for a sub-picketer. [United Hollywood]
· Can't make the picket lines yourself? Buy a "No Justice. No Scripts" bracelet or a t-shirt to show your support. (Disturbingly, men's bikini briefs may be in the works—may we suggest "I put my balls on the line for a fair internet residuals rate" for that garment's slogan?) [ via LAT]
· Some of Dave Letterman's striking staff have jumped aboard the blog train. []
· Snack-pushing agencies insist that they're just trying to service their striking clients by turning up at the picket lines with food, not trying to one-up each other in some kind of competition to show who can induce a diabetic coma in their stable of idling writers first. In a related story, Endeavor is expected to drop 50,000 Krispy Kremes onto the throng of hungry protestors at today's Picketing with the Stars event from a blimp circling the Universal lot. [Page Six]