I am going on vacation. Emily and Josh will be the new me and will also be each other, but not themselves, Maggie will be the new Josh except less prone to nudity and bad sweaters, and Sheila will be the new Maggie, but with less swearing. Next week, though, Pareene will be the new Doree-Balk—but not until then because he's off all week, moving back to New York from D.C. Got that? But wait there's more!

When I return, I will be the new Pareene, because I'm going to be getting a full-body skin transplant from a 22-year-old. A nice brown one I hope. (I don't know what that means either.)

Great news! While I'm away, we'll have some contributions from some pals!

Pitching in a bit each day will be our old Gawker Weekend co-founder Jon Liu. He's "the weird one," as our commenters have noted. (Today he noted via IM that he "finally understood Marx." Okay!) But excuse us, he's also written for n+1!

And starting this Thursday looks like, Jen Schonborn (formerly of Elle.com) will be popping in and out as well.

Also! On November 21st and 26th, recent New York City arrival Rex Sorgatz of Fimoculous fame will be hanging in. He ran a real website too, as the executive producer of MSNBC.com, so look out! Here's the view from his new apartment. Doesn't that just scream "Welcome"?

It's a party! Um, good luck everyone! I will be back on the 28th. Maybe!