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Rumor is spreading that Justine Ezarik, the blonde videoblogger better known as iJustine, is leaving Ezarik, who holds the dubious distinction of being the most popular lifecaster of the moment, is currently denying that she's leaving the self-broadcasting service where she made her name., where Justine first started videoblogging before she made it big on, has regained the affections of the vlog hottie, or so the story goes. As is often the case when two are competing for the attention of one woman, neither suitor ever really wins.

Justine claims:

I never said I was leaving jtv.. so I'm not really sure where they got that info!

Whether or not she does leave for Ustream, Justine's own brand has outgrown both startups, and she knows it. Justine is launching her own self-branded site, Like any desirable young woman, Ezarik has been keeping her options open — her original Ustream page has remained active during her brief dalliance with, and she frequently uses Viddler to post videos to her blog. Even if iJustine returns to Ustream, she's savvy enough to know she doesn't need anyone's help. iJustine — the woman, the brand, the videoblog — is now free to flirt with whomever she wants.