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Charles Forman, the Silicon Alley entrepreneur who has a reputation for being a jerk, is tarting up his auction and game-based dating site, Iminlikewithyou, with a loser-generated version of VH1's Pop-Up Video. While it may be a suitable distraction for Iminlikewithyou's juvenile audience, regrettably, the submissions — most of them currently provided by Forman — aren't nearly as clever as the original Pop-Up Video which hasn't aired in at least five years, and hasn't been worth watching for longer than that. But this has led us to a brilliant insight on Forman's grand strategy.

His business plan is taken straight from VH1: I Love the '90s provides him with Pop-Up Video, whileI Love the '80s leads to Tetris clone Blockles. We await the Iminlikewithyou version of Pong when Forman finishes watching I Love the '70s.