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Our tale begins with a fresh-faced college grad who, taken in by its gloss of Jetsons futurism, say his career in the biometrics payments industry. Scan your thumbprint, pay your groceries! Who wouldn't fall in love? At the time, the biggest player in the industry was Pay By Touch, the company founded by cocaine addict John Rogers. But when our source took a closer look at the company, he reeled, seeing an ever-shifting executive team and a bad business structure. So our disillusioned young biometrician wrote a little post-college dissertation on the company. His white paper got around to investors, and this displeased Rogers. Here's the threatening missive Rogers composed in response:

It has come to my attention that you have been contacting our investors including the Getty family, and presenting them with slanderous, untrue, and malicious information. Enclosed is a copy of the "report" that you have been disseminating. When you present false facts, as you have, you open yourself to SERIOUS damages. Be advised that we will come after you legally, to the fullest extent possible. I hope you or your family have very deep pockets. We will use our private investigator, a former Israeli Mossad agent, to find out every last detail about you, to track your activities, and determine what other illegal activities you are engaged in, besides extortion — since I am certain there are many. We will not tolerate such disgusting, deviant, and damaging behavior. You will have a very steep price to pay for your actions.

John Rogers
Chairman, Founder, CEO