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Go to a game show with your favorite videobloggers, get all scholarly, or spy on Yahoo's new digs, all in tonight's Valleywag Calendar.

  • Om Malik's Internet video blog, NewTeeVee, hosts its NewTeeVee Live conference today in Mission Bay, south of the ballpark. Not interested in talking business with videobloggers? Check out the game show tonight at 7 p.m., where contestants including Diggnation drinker Kevin Rose and Wallstrip siren Lindsay Campbell will compete in a Family Feud style contest hosted by comedienne Heather Gold. [NewTeeVee]
  • Lotus founder Mitch Kapor gives a talk today at 4 p.m. at UC Berkeley's School of information. [UC Berkeley]
  • Nate Bolt, CEO of Bolt Peters, gives at talk at Yahoo Brickhouse about UX research with an emphasis about life instead of just interfaces. I don't know what the hell that means either, but it's a chance to test morale at the Brickhouse. [Upcoming]