In the most recent edition of Vanity Fair (the one with an airbrushed-to-oblivion Julia Roberts clutching a red rose between her teeth on the cover) Top Chef hostess and HBIC Padma Lakshmi bares her soul and mind to Nancy Jo Sales. What's in there? A lot of fucking and not much else!

Of her Emmy nomination, "It's a big fucking deal." Of her divorce: "I'm so fucking sad." On her living accommodations: "Now I'm staying in a fucking hotel with all my shit in storage." There are also things that don't involve fucking. Or at least not explicitly.

Sales also seems to catch Padma in a vulnerable moment, or perhaps Lakshmi is, like R. Kelly, a flirt.

Later, she was sitting in [the former head of Motown Records] Andre Harrell's lap.....

Near the end of the evening, Padma was traveling around the room making people taste her "chocolate soup." It was supposed to be ice cream, but it didn't quite take..."One taste," she insisted of Harvey Weinstein, as he backed away with his hands up (he recently lost 55 pounds)

"O.K., O.K.," he finally said, allowing Padma to spoon-feed him. "Mmmmmmm," he said.


[Russell] Simmons went on with his teasing, squeezing Padma's lovely knee.

But our favorite Padma quote is this one, from a Harper's Bazaar article she wrote. "My agenda: arouse from a distance the object of my longing." As Harvey Weinstein might say, "Mmmmmmmm?"

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