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Professional underminer Mike Albo mourns the halcyon early 90s in today's Critical Shopper column. Also, the Times still hasn't caught on to the fact that he only ever makes fun of the impulse to buy or own fancy clothes: "I know it's not 1993 anymore, but some of these prices still gave me pause. Fourteen years ago these clothes would have been incomprehensible to me. If I had walked in, listening to Letters to Cleo on my portable CD player, I would have reacted like a cave man who, hurtled through time, had come across a microwave and was dumbfounded, 'Wha? $135 for T-shirt? Me no understand.'" Also: "[1993] was a carefree, de-gorgeous era, when I often wore girl's-size thermals printed with snowflakes or flowers and $3 thrift store bell-bottoms. I even knotted my hair in Bjork buns." HOT.