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Writers are striking in Hollywood because they want a bigger piece — in fact, any piece — of revenue studios earn when they put content online. The studios like to claim the content is "promotional" — a use for which writers don't get paid — and that the promise of the Internet isn't fully understood yet. The World Wide Web might still be a fad. Nonsense, say writers, who have distributed fliers claiming Disney will pull in $1.5 billion in digital revenue this year.

But we all know writers become writers because they hate math. Same goes here. Turns out more than half of the mouse house's digital revenues are from online sales of travel packages. Of course, half of $1.5 billion is still a lot. Even Disney admits much of it comes from advertising on and It's not clear how much Hollywood writers have to do with the success of those sites, however. Sports scores aren't screenplays, last we checked. (Photo by Ikayama)