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Apparently Staten Islanders are super pissed about the way people—and by people, I mean MTV—stereotype them. One year after it first aired, they're still all up in arms about MTV's True Life: I'm a Staten Island Girl episode, and how it made all Staten Islanders look like "pumped-up dudes driving pimped-out Escalades and orange ladies with French-tip talons."

So the Staten Island Advance has stepped in—with a multiple-choice quiz!—to help show that while the Shaolin may be chock full of cugines, it's also home to lovers of doo-wop!

You can test yourself to see how much of a true-blue Islander you are, and then use their handy-dandy confusing scoring system to find out where you fall. Me? I'm apparently an "Urban Aesthetic," which is certainly what I fancied myself back when I was cheerleading next to big-haired girls with abusive guido boyfriends at Wagner High School.