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Microsoft paid $240 million for less than 2 percent of Facebook, but Google's getting a peak behind the curtain for free. According to reports, there's a vulnerability in the Facebook application Compare People, made by a company called Chainn. The app allows a search engine such as Google to rifle through the information of any users who have the app installed on their profile. That's about 10 million Facebook members, according to numbers from AllFacebook. What kind of user information is available?

Oh just profile information, such as age, gender, city, ZIP code, favorite music, favorite movies, favorite TV shows, favorite books, "about me," activities, interests, and political views. What, not addresses and Social Security numbers? Even more disturbingly, there's no information about Chainn on its website — just an email address. found that the domain is registered to Naval Ravikant, a cofounder of the shopping-review site Epinions.