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Read/WriteWeb last night reported that will announce today, among other things, support of Google's OpenSocial Web widget platform in all of its applications going forward. Now Google can tout Amazon's support for its rival platform to extend social networks. Or can it? Amazon flacks, after sending Read/WriteWeb a press release about the move, are now retracting it and claiming the company is not adopting OpenSocial. Or if it is, they're pretending they don't know about it.

Read/WriteWeb's Marshall Kirkpatrick Twitters:

Update: Amazon contacted us this morning to let us know that though they sent us a draft press release, they are not in fact making any such announcement, they are not supporting OpenSocial and if they were it would still be under embargo anyway despite the date on said release.

In other words, yes, Amazon is probably supporting OpenSocial. Adding the online retailer to the list of OpenSocial supporters would certainly be a major help to Google's assault on Facebook. Amazon helped launch Facebook's apps platform, and in the buildup to Facebook's Social Ads announcement, everyone used Amazon as an example of its potential power. Last week, however, Amazon was nowhere to be found.

Apparently, though, Jeff Bezos & Co. aren't prepared to diss Facebook quite yet. Amazon's PR team messed up and hopes we'll just ignore their own press releases, or honor some after-the-fact embargo. Sorry. Even when done right, the day of the embargo is over.