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The good news is that N.Y.U. students know what they're supposed to say to a pollster when discussing the importance of their civic duty to vote. The bad news is they don't give an actual Hootie McHooters about, you know, voting. In a J-school poll of 3,000 N.Y.U. students, two-thirds of them said they'd trade their say in the nation's electoral process for a year's tuition ($45K); 20% of them would hand in their representation for an iPod touch ($299) and half would give up their vote permanently for $1 million.

Of course, because good N.Y.U. students—though ostensibly rebellious and dark—are at heart just angsty urban Tracy Flicks, they also can't help but answer, the way that nine of 10 did, that people should vote. In fact, a big hunk of them even think their vote could make a difference. Aww.