"Ted," the secretive creator of VC-ratings message board TheFunded.com, isn't hard to reach. I called him on his easy-to-find Skype line: 415 992 8801. He was busy getting ready for the $500-a-seat event tonight, held on the Stanford campus, at which he plans to reveal his identity at 6 p.m. We'll all know his real name soon enough. I asked him, instead, where the pseudonym "Ted" came from. He told me that early members of TheFunded.com picked it for him, apparently to annoy him, since it was the name of his nemesis. So who's the Ted who hates "Ted"? Ted Leonsis, the annoying AOL retiree? Ted Dintersmith of Charles River Ventures? Ted Dziuba of sarcastic tech blog Uncov? None of them fit, so I'm hoping you might have a better guess.