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Adeo Ressi wants you to know that he's not just the pseudonymous "Ted," founding member of, the venture-capitalist rating site. The 6'5" Ressi, who resembles a David Cross/Mr. Clean hybrid, sincerely believes that being "Ted" is a feat which which should be celebrated by having his likeness emblazoned on the nearest mountain. But how's his site doing as a business?

He's not making any money off of it. I asked where he wants it to be in five years. "Owned by a large media company," he replied, only half jokingly. (Hey, he sold Total New York to AOL a couple bubbles ago.) Ressi namechecked Dow Jones as his preferred owner. Meanwhile, he has this little problem where he can't get VC backing. When pressed, he admitted the site is a "charity case," and there's "not enough money to make a living off of it." Still, while a quick QuantCast lookup shows TheFunded far behind Fake Steve Jobs in readership, Ressi thinks he's the man of the moment. His reaction to Wired's 3,500-word feature story in the latest issue? They should have put him on the cover. He's totally serious about that.