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What a truly wonderful world it is in which we live, where a Siberian stripper can come to America, work her way up the pole to the point where she's performing a champagne room command performance for the likes of Oscar de la Hoya, spend 24 hours in a Philadelphia Ritz-Carlton room during which she snaps the welterweight champion enacting his deepest fishnets-and-pumps-wearing desires, sell said photos to a hungry paparazzi agency for $70,000, and then—and this is the real coup de grâce—turn around and sue de la Hoya for $100 million for allowing the boxer to convince her not to shoot higher with her asking price. From the Reuters report:

A New York woman sued Olympic boxer Oscar de la Hoya for $100 million on Thursday, saying she was coerced into agreeing not to sell photographs of him dancing around a hotel room in women's clothing.

Milana Dravnel, who the New York Post and New York Daily News reported had met de la Hoya at a strip club where she worked, said the agreement was made after she had already sold some of the images to a Hollywood photo agency for $70,000.

The lawsuit, filed in New York State Court, said that amount was "below market value" for the photos, which were widely disseminated.

De la Hoya sought the agreement with Dravnel "in an effort to stonewall (her) effort to sell the pictures taken by her," the lawsuit said. [...]

Dravnel is suing for fraud, defamation, interfering with a contract, and exerting undue and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

A win in the case would set an interesting legal precedent, in which escort extortionists could feasibly bring their macho celebrity victims to court, and, citing Dravnel Vs. de la Hoya, sue them for the distress of not having made enough off the sale of photos revealing their behind-closed-doors propensity for donning spangly Bob Mackie numbers and performing their favorite selections from Liza with a Z.