We were too psyched about the premiere of Project Runway (wrongly it turns out) to really notice this week's episode of CBS' morally weird show Kid Nation. But we've been flooded by emails asking what in the world Sophia said to Guylan that CBS not only had to bleep it but also blur her sweet mouth? A little context is needed.

Guylan's favorite leader is FIdel Castro. He's eleven, from Massachusetts and thinks "Power is like holding a cobra, one wrong move and it bites." Woah! Also, True! He is berating the rest of the community much like how a younger Fidel might for acting in their own class interest.

Sophia, wearing the green headband, is fourteen, from Florida and likes to vacation "Anyplace I haven't been before, but Paris is always nice." She naturally took exception to Guylan's demagoguery and tells him so in no uncertain terms. We're guessing these terms involved the words "commie" "cunty" "dirty" and yes, even "Perverse and Often Baffling"!