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For a minute or two, there was some glimmer of hope that YouTube would allow users to upload their videos in HD. Not so, Silicon Alley Insider clarifies. But while chaos reigned in high-definition for a few moments, oft-naked Vimeo founder and HD-video advocate Jakob Lodwick took the opportunity to take a few shots at YouTube.

"YouTube is an illicit organization built upon a self-destructive philosophy," Lodwick writes, calling Youtube's copyright policies "evil." Now that YouTube is owned by don't-be-evil Google, those are fighting words.

Lodwick also mocks YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley for managing to upload all of two videos the past year. Lodwick himself uploads videos every couple of minutes. And, if you're into publicity stunts — like the one about the Vimeo employee who met the girl of his dreams on the subway and then created a Web site to find her — they can be entertaining.

But Lodwick has to understand, Chen and Hurley are much to busy counting to 1.65 billion to make videos about televised fights with their girlfriends.