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You may have heard of ASmallWorld, the social network where, rumor has it, the super-rich plan their baby-eating, wife-swapping debauchery and hunts for endangered species. Or something like that. My coworker Megan McCarthy has an account, so it can't be all that exclusive. It turns out there are more social networks for the elites and for the second time in four months, BusinessWeek has profiled them.

  • Reuters Space is a new network for hedge fund managers, traders and analysts. Reuters plans to use its own "pool of proprietary data" to check the employment status of applicants. That way it can keep pesky regulators out and allow analysts to auction off their opinions to the highest bidder.
  • launched in the 2006. To join, you have to be a director at a large company, a vice-president at a midsize company, or in the C-suite of a startup.
  • The Diamond Lounge is a invitation-only and even then members still must go trhough a selection committee. Once allowed to join, members pay a $60 monthly fee. As with Facebook, members can exchange gifts. But instead of icons, we're talking Gucci bags.