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You heard about Abu Dubai snapping up 8.1 percent of AMD? Well, FBN anchor Alexis Glick read the tape wrong as the news came across the wire and announced Apple invested in the chipmaker. This led to a good three minutes of hjinx as contributor Charles Payne analyzed the news. When Glick tried to correct herself, it just got worse. SAI transcribed the whole thing, but here's an excerpt:

CONTRIBUTOR CHARLES PAYNE: "Well, yeah, and AMD needs, uh - that's real smart by Apple because AMD is in trouble right now. AMD has always had two problems: either it had a great product that was either sometimes superior to Intel but not the distribution, or it would have a terrible product that obviously they couldn't compete. And they're sort of in the middle right now - they haven't had great product offerings per se recently, the stock has been really just sort of muddling along, so I gotta tell you, Peter, I think it's a smart play by both companies to get involved with each other."

BARNES: "And we are getting some more news [inaudible]"

GLICK: "That, oh, it's not Apple. Let me just correct ourselves here.