There were three separate pieces today on "watchdog" website Media Matters complaining about how badly Barack Obama has been manhandled by the press. The first piece takes aim at Good Morning America, the New York Sun and The Politico. The second impugns CNN anchor and debate moderator Suzanne Malveaux, and the third takes a long mean look at by U.S. News & World Report editor David Gergen. Hey, Media Matters, why the crush on Obama?

It could be in reaction to NBC News political director Chuck Todd's blog post yesterday, accusing the group of "facetious attacks" on Obama and John Edwards!

Or! Playing white knight to Obama's distressed damsel could just be a ploy to handily distract people from asking any more uncomfortable questions about the lefty group's alleged angel investor, Senator Hillary Clinton, who acknowledged helping to fund the site at this year's YearlyKos convention.

Also! Media Matters CEO David Brock may have some 'splaining to do. He was the first to reveal details in 1994 of her husband's infidelities. He later apologized for it in Esquire, but we wonder if he's still apologizing.