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Though John Travolta's long, deep, and utterly unselfconscious kiss with longtime idol Kirk Douglas initially drew a thundering round of applause from the Santa Barbara Film Festival crowd assembled to see Travolta receive a lifetime achievement award named for the screen legend, the ovation was quickly replaced by gasps of horror once the guest of honor, obviously lost in the moment, failed to break their clinch until the oxygen-deprived nonagenarian collapsed to the stage.

As the elderly thespian was placed upon a stretcher and carried out of the auditorium, a stunned Travolta sheepishly explained, "I thought he was banging his fist on the podium like that because he was really into it. Sure, his mouth got a little dry two minutes in, but that didn't necessarily mean something was wrong. He's old, you know? These things happen."

[Photo: Getty Images]