After we gave up on the Pats-Bills game last night we turned it over to Turner Classic Movies to watch the ridiculous and vaguely misogynistic end of one of our favorite movies ever, The Philadelphia Story, only to find as it ended that TCM's Sunday night line-up was programmed by none other than Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, who seemed to have made his choices from Turner's vast library by throwing a couple darts at an AFI list. He did point out, in his amusingly awkward sit-down with Robert Osbourne, that he got the name for HIS FAMOUS MAGAZINE THAT INVENTED EVERYTHING from the aforementioned classic romantic comedy, and took his own Spy pseudonym from Jimmy Stewart's poor lesbian photographer friend. Then he played Casablanca. We'd much rather see Spike guest-program the network, though he's more Sundance, what with his funky and outré taste. (NB: The thing with The Philadelphia Story means Carter himself is clearly responsible for calling Nicole Kidman YAR.)