Avert your eyes, it's JakobandJulia.comConnected Ventures cofounder Jakob Lodwick and notorious New York nobody Julia Allison now plan to more efficiently whore their relationship in a joint blog venture. Consider it the Hulu of self-promotion. If only you people would stop paying attention, this could all just go away. Sure, Lodwick's Vimeo, an online video-sharing site, is so pretty that rumor has it MySpace wants to poach its designer. But that doesn't explain why you're transfixed by the man himself, or his geek-seeking missile of a girlfriend. You people need to stop. In fact, don't read any further. Look away from the following image of Jakob and Julia, sprawled on the beach. It's for your own good.

Avert your eyes, it's JakobandJulia.com

You people are sick.