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Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner maintains Hollywood writers are stupid for striking over how much they should be compensated for Internet video. Over the weekend, he told the New York Times there isn't any money in Internet video. At least not any money in Internet video he has a hand in. "The shows that I made for [the Internet] cost like $3,000 for 90 seconds," Eisner explained, referring to his failed made-for-Internet efforts "Prom Queen" and "Prom Queen: Summer Heat." Of course, Eisner, whose exit from Disney was hastened by irate shareholders, is no stranger to failure.

Indeed, failure seems to follow him. It did when interviewer Deborah Soloman asked him to explain the name of his production company Vuguru. She said:

"To me it sounds like a drug, like Vioxx or Viagra.

Eisner responded:

If it reminds you of something that creates new strength, I guess that's O.K. In French, vous is second-person plural. Vuguru — you are the guru of viewing. It was just a made-up word.

As made-up as his observations about the business of online video. (Photo by AP/Mark Lennihan)